Participation in The Board of Mentors to the master’s program “Modeling big data in business and finance”

We are happy to share with you that “Travel Mind”’s team will take part in the board of mentors to the master’s program “Modeling big data in business and finance (Business Analytics)” to the Faculty of Economics, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. This project is a collaboration between academic and professional representatives, as the goal is to combine experience and knowledge from the academic and business sphere. In this way, we hope to help embrace this dynamic and ever-changing industry. We plan to do this by regularly upgrading and improving the curriculum, integrate real-world case-studies into the program, provide lectures and practical trainings with professionals and support the further development of the masters.

The board of mentors was established by Prof. Ivan Ivanov and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boryana Bogdanova with the support of Deloitte Bulgaria, INDEAVR, Raiffeisen Bank (Bulgaria) and “Travel Mind”. The project’s team is made up of professionals and academics who have proven themselves in the field of business analytics and big data.

We are extremely proud to contribute to the development of highly qualified specialists in the field of quantitative analysis.


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