How to create an Instagram fairytale


Since little children people like to hear magical stories and imagine a beautiful idyllic world. This passion for the fairy world has not diminished over the years, but has become more realistic. That’s why Instagram is used to tell a captivating story and make others want to be part of it. It is this characteristic that makes it so suitable for a marketing platform, especially business such as tourism. In order for your tourism company’s account to be successful, you must skilfully handle the art of the Internet world.


It is important to recreate the emotion from travel and rest through photo material. It is good for your pictures to show happy people, stunningly beautiful sights or luxurious surroundings of hotel rooms. The idea is to show people a place where they want to be in or an emotion that they want to feel irrespective of whether they know it already or they will just realize that they want it.


For further enhancement of the emotion recreated by your Instagram, you can use short videos up to 60 seconds or Boomerang (a 1 second clip). For this type of visual materials it is nice to use eye-catching visual content and not rely too much on sound, for approximately 85% of users do not turn on the sound while watching a video. You should also strive to collect as much more information as possible in the shortest possible time.


Here you should also try not to go into too long a description. If you place an offer, it is advisable to use the shortest and most attractive description. It should contain only the basic and most important features of the offer, such as price, duration and transportation. The more important part of the photo’s description are the hashtags.


Those linked words or word combinations are used for distributing your photos outside of your followers’ audience. It is recommended that you use specific word combinations to target and gain the right audience. It is also extremely useful to keep track of trends and use popular hashtags.


As with any other type of marketing, it is mandatory for Instagram to constantly monitor and analyse the engagement of your posts and plan the right time and content. Unfortunately, this platform does not yet offer analytical services, but you can find free apps and websites for this purpose in the Internet.

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