Effective eco-initiatives in the hotel you can apply today


On the 19th of March, on the eve of the biggest global environmental initiative, “Earth Hour”, we thought about the extraordinary effects of environmental pollution and the drastic climate change we are constantly causing. Tourism, as one of the most global industries, in addition to being dependent, is also responsible for many of the negative global climate change impacts because of the big consumption of different natural resources. And despite the global nature of the problem, every hotelier can take day-to-day action and take initiatives that can help protect the environment in the long run. Such eco-initiatives, in addition to helping to effectively reduce pollution, will promote a cause, that every guest of yours can support. What’s more, green programs can make people remember you as you distinguish yourselfapart from the competition in the tourism market.

Ideas for eco-initiatives in a hotel:

-     Introduce a program to encourage the reuse of towels and linen from hotel guests

-     Provide information brochures on environmental issues in every room

-     Install energy-saving light bulbs in rooms and common areas

-     Use dispensers and showers for more efficient use of water

-     Replace cleaners with more environmentally friendly ones

-     Minimise paper usage for hotel administrative activities or implement recycled paper use

-     Reduce heating by 1-2 degrees in public areas

-     Invest in renewable energy

-     Encourage separate waste collection in rooms and common areas

-     Serve natural and local food

-     Get rid of disposable cutlery

-     Replace plastic toiletries with reusable toiletries

-     Support local eco initiatives and programs

-     Donate a portion of the revenue to local eco initiatives and programs

-     Organise nature conservation events with the participation of the entire team – tree planting, site cleaning, educational events


Properly implemented and used, such eco-initiatives at the hotel will help you manage the resources you use more efficiently, and help you reduce much of your hotel maintenance costs. Last but not least, they will help you build an eco brand that people will remember and look for more and more.


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