Travel Mind’s participation on Vacation and Spa 2020


Traditionally, this year again we had the pleasure of joining the 37th edition of the International Tourism Exchange “Vacation and Spa Expo”, which took place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of February in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. This exposition is one of the most important events for the tourism industry in Bulgaria this year.

We thank our clients, friends and all those who visited us and came to exchange some ideas and discuss future joint projects!

It was a pleasure for us to drink a cup of coffee and talk about our future common goals and interests in thearea of tourism. The International Tourism Exchange annually represents how much the tourism sector is developing and we are proud of being part of the exposition once again.

The topics, which were discussed by us, were linked to digital marketing, effective advertising, social media presence, review sites, technology solutions and innovation in the tourism sector!

We hope that we have been as helpful and as exhaustive as possible. However, if you have any questions, you can always contact us by email or phone.

We have also told you about our open trainings that we are preparing and for which we will soon upload information to our updated website. The trainings will be focusing on the tourism area, digital marketing and advertising, online reputation and many more major topics related the development of a tourism business.

In 2020 there are many interesting things for us to come. We will publish more articles in order to be even more useful, we will be more active and we will try to help you with what we are best at!

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